Upload users

Upload user data to Miso dataset.


await client.api.users.upload(users, options);


The users parameter can be:

  • An object, representing a single user
  • An array of objects, representing multiple users
  • A JSON string of array of objects

A single record of user can have the following properties:

Name Type Description
user_id string Required. The unique identifier of a user.
created_at string The created time of the item, in ISO-8601 date or datetime format.
updated_at string The last updated time of the item, in ISO-8601 date or datetime format.
name string The user's full name.
profile_image URL string A URL of the profile image of the user.
age number Age of the user. Miso internally converts it to year of birth.
gender string The user's gender.
city string City or zipcode the user is based in.
state string State the user is based in.
country string Country the user is based in.
group_id string Group or Account ID from your CRM. This is useful in B2B scenarios.
description string Text description of the user. This can be the user's own bio or the internal notes about the user. If available, Miso will analyze this description to better profile a user.
custom_attributes object An free-schema object to keep additional information. Note that the data schema must be consistent across all records.


The options parameter is an optional object with the following properties:

Name Type Description
async boolean Turn on asynchronous mode in upload APIs. Default: false.
dryRun boolean Make a dry run with upload APIs. Default: false.

See the request options page for more details.

Return value

A Promise without value.


const user = {
user_id: 'u01',
custom_attributes: {
await client.api.users.upload([user]);

Learn more

For more information, see REST API.