User interaction events



Name Definition
product_detail_page_view A user views a product page.
category_page_view A user views a category page for a specific "family" or "group" or products or content.
search A user submits search keywords and/or filter criteria.
impression A product or content asset (usually from recommendation results) is rendered on the page or loaded into the client device.
viewable_impression A user saw or was presented with a product or content asset. It is usually triggered when 50% of asset area lies in the viewport for 1 second.
click A user clicks through a product link.
home_page_view A user views your home page.
promo_page_view A user views a specific promotional or curated marketing page about certain products or content.
product_image_view A user views the image of a product (e.g. to enlarge a product photo).

Conversion (eCommerce)

Name Definition
add_to_cart A user adds a product into their shopping cart.
checkout A user checkouts with a set of products.
remove_from_cart A user removes a product from their shopping cart.
refund A user requests a refund of products they bought.
subscribe A user subscribes a product for its information.

Consumption (content media)

Name Definition
read A user reads a piece of written content.
watch A user watches content that is of a video format.
listen A user listens to content that is of an audio format.
complete A user finishes consuming a product (e.g. complete a course or a video).
add_to_collection A user adds a product to their personal collection.
remove_from_collection A user removes a product from their personal collection.

Feedback signals

Name Definition
rate A user gives a rating to a product or piece of content.
like A user indicates a like for a product.
dislike A user indicates a dislike for a product.
share A user shares a product or piece of content.
bookmark A user bookmarks a product.


Name Definition
custom You can keep track of any custom event defined by yourself.