Guides for building your Answers UI

You can integrate Miso Answers into your website in two steps:

  1. Create an answers page to host the ask module, which responds to user questions.
  2. In your article pages, add an explore module to display related questions against the articles that lead to the answers page.

Build your ask module

There are two ways to build your ask module:

Use the built-in UI elements

  • Fully customizable: HTML, CSS, texts, logic.
  • Follow the guide.

Build from scratch

You can also build your UI from scratch, without the assistance of SDK UI elements. You may want to explore the following references:

Legacy combo UI solution

The SDK used to offer a combo UI solution which aimed for simplicity. It is now deprecated due to lack for extensibility but still maintained.

  • Can be done with 2 lines of HTML.
  • Limited customization: CSS, texts.
  • Follow the guide.

Build your explore module

Follow the guide.

Advanced topics